Marco Polo Nekretnine (Real Estate) is a licensed, insured full-service real estate agency. Our professional staff are experts at bringing buyers and sellers together and ensuring each real estate transaction is conducted in accordance with Croatian real estate law. We focus on transparent business practices and we will not broker any property sale which does not have 100% clear ownership title. We rely on licensed real estate attorneys to write contracts for sale and all transactions are notarized by the proper government agencies.

Marco Polo provides services to both buyers and sellers and for those services we charge a commission (provision). Here are general guidelines as to what a buyer and / or seller may expect to pay:

For our services rendered we charge 3% plus sales tax of the contract sales price, with a minimum cost of €2.000 plus sales tax. The Croatian sales tax is currently 25%.

For example, if the contract sales price is €100.000- then the fee for services rendered would be €3.000- plus €750- (25% of €3.000) for a total of €3.750-.

The following services are included in our commission (provision):

  • A transparent transaction conducted in good faith, with integrity and in accordance with Croatian real estate law.
  • We assist buyers in finding the right property for them. We do this in part by personally showing prospective buyers properties they may find interesting.
  • For sellers, we make every effort to effectively market their property by utilizing a wide variety of adversting outlets and making prospective buyers aware of the availablity of their property.
  • We negotiate the transaction between buyer and seller. Our philosophy is “win-win”.
  • We will connect the buyer with a reputable licensed real estate attorney so that the buyer may arrange to have an appropriate contract for sale written. We assist with keeping the lines of communications open between buyer and attorney.
  • We ensure that all money transferred into bank accounts within Croatia is properly and transparently accounted for and in accordance with Croatian finance laws.
  • We verify that the ownership title is clear and that the property is free and clear of tax or other encumbrances.
  • We pay all normal notary fees and we pay for recording change of ownership in the land and court registry.
  • We pay for the unofficial translation of Croatian-language documents into a different language.
  • We pay for all normal post office mailings.
  • We insure complete confidentiality of all personal and financial information.

The following services are not covered in our provision / commission:

  • “Official” (stamped, court approved) translations of Apostiles, birth & death certificates or documents relating to estates or bequeathments.
  • Bank fees charged for the transfer of funds to or from Croatia.
  • Lawyer / attorney and court costs for the updating of historical ownership records.
  • Fees and costs charged for establishing a Croatian company. A Croatian entity is often established when a non-Croatian citizen wishes to purchase Croatian farm land.
  • Costs for “Express” mail, such as Fedex or DHL.

It is as simple as that. Marco Polo Nekretnine is a “one stop” real estate agency. We will make sure your transaction is done properly and correctly. Again, we will not broker any property that does not have 100% clear ownership title.

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to contact us anytime. We would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.


"Trust Marco Polo to show you the way."