The Marco Polo Nekretnine Team


Melita Gavranić -  Co-owner and Licensed Real Estate Broker

Melita Gavranić

Melita was born in Blato and has spent most of her life on Korčula. For a short while she lived in
Split where she received education in textile design and applied her skills with a local company
prior to joining Marco Polo Nekretnine.

Ten years ago, quite by accident, Melita began her work in the real estate industry; it was love
at first sight. She is quite enthuastic about real estate services and that is evident by her
interaction with clients and her attention to details. Shortly after joining Marco Polo, Melita
studied for, and passed her professional examination for her real estate license and was
registered on the Real Estate Brokerage list of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, thereby
designating her as a licensed real estate broker in the Republic of Croatia. Melita takes every
opportunity to develop her professional skills, not only in real estate, but also in
business management. Naturally, she is fluent in the Croatian language and she is also skilled
in English.

In her words: “The best part of my job is working with our clients. I have met a lot of nice people
and developed some true friendships while helping our clients through the real estate
process. For me, there is only one approach to this business; work with people in an honest
and direct manner. That builds goodwill within our community and creates happy and loyal
clients. I believe that has been fundamental to our success at Marco Polo.”

In Melita’s free time she enjoys floriculture, handicrafts and designing clothing for herself and
her friends, in which he uses a variety of decorative items and ornaments. She loves the outdoors,
spending as much time as she can either in her garden or wandering through the countryside.
Summer is her favorite season and her afternoons are spent on a beach with a good book. Her
dream destination for a vacation is Cuba! She loves animals, especially cats. Her personal
philosophy: “The same as life on Korčula, life itself is a privilege that should be deserved and

Melita’s humanitarian work is focused more on direct assistance to individuals rather than
support of organizations. She is active in the community and particularly sensitive to the needs
of the elderly and children.

Melita ranks among the best real estate agents in Croatia. Her integrity and attention to detail is
un-matched. Should you need the services of a broker on the island of Korčula, we are
confident Melita will do what is needed to ensure a happy, friendly and legal transaction.

Trust Marco Polo, indeed, trust Melita to show you the way.



Antonela Baničević - Real Estate Professional

Antonela Baničević

Antonela was born in Split and lives in Brna. After completing her high school studies she
attained her Bachelor of Public Administration degree at the Faculty of Law in Split. She has
since worked for many years in tourist-related businesses and for a time was working with
the municipal government in Smokvica. Her most recent position was working on staff at the
hotel in Brna. Her work experience with visitors from many different countries has allowed
her to develop her language skills. Antonela is fluent in English and skilled in Italian and
German languages. She joined the Marco Polo team in December, 2015 and is currently
combining her past work experience with government and tourist-related services into her
work as a real estate professional.

Antonela is an active gardener and enjoys growing fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices
according to the principals of “permaculture”. She collects organic seeds (exclusively) in
order to promote bio-diversity. She also has a hobby of collecting and transplanting cacti and
other succulents. Antonela began attending yoga in 2008 and she continues to
attend classes to this day. Her other interests include creating organic cosmetics and soaps and
she attends workshops for preparing meals based on vegetarianism and veganism. She is also
a fan of Feng Shui.

In her words, “I am a communicative person and a lover of nature and animals. I support
humanitarian needs and volunteer when possible. The best part of my work life has been
working with people. That has allowed me to learn other languages and brought me in contact
with other cultures, and I look forward to new experiences in the real estate business.”

As a valued member of the Marco Polo team, you can trust Antonela to do the right thing, at
the right time for all your real estate needs. Antonela is another reason why you can

Trust Marco Polo to show you the way.


Lovre Franulović - Real Estate Professional - Data/Web assistant

MPN Lovre

Lovre is the newest member of the Marco Polo Team and was born and raised in Blato.
He completed his secondary school education in Vela Luka and has work experience with
the local agricultural co-operative „1902 d.d.“ where he honed his administrative skills.
Lovre also has work experience with the Blato Municipality Tourist Board and the Prišćapac Hotel.

Throughout his work he was in direct contact with a diverse array of clients which helped
sharpen his foreign language skills. Along with his native tongue (Croatian) Lovre speaks
excellent English and has a basic knowledge of German which he developed by attending
educational courses focused on German tourists. He is now using his previously acquired
skills to help Marco Polo clients find a property that is right for them. Lovre is also
taking charge of maintaining the various areas of data administration and also the management
of the Marco Polo web site.

In his free time Lovre enjoys company outings, listening to music, watching movies and taking
long walks with his dog. He is fond of international travel and has plans to visit some
distant, exotic countries. He is an avid reader of the latest technology issues and enjoys
doing „anything“ with computers.

Lovre is a detailed-oriented person and is very interested in helping our clients to find
the right property and conduct the transaction in the right way.

Just like Marco Polo, you can “Trust Lovre to show you the way.”