Agricultural land close to the sea!

For Sale
€ 26,000
Plot Size: 1323m2
Price On Request

In the middle of greenery and nature! Near Vela Luka!

For Sale
€ 0
Plot Size: 4547m2
Farm Land - Olive Trees

Farm land with trees, stone ruin.

For Sale
€ 20,000
Plot Size: 2845m2
Farm land near Gršćica

Simulated picture.

For Sale
€ 28,980
Plot Size: 4140m2
Farm land in Gršćica

Create Your Olive Farm

For Sale
€ 15,000
Farm Land - Blaca

Lovely Sea View

For Sale
€ 16,500
Plot Size: 862m2
Farm land in STRAČINČICA

Unusual farm land.

For Sale
€ 9,750
Plot Size: 650m2
Farm land in Nova.

Simulated picture.

For Sale
€ 100,960
Plot Size: 1096m2
Farm land near Blato.

Simulated picture.

For Sale
€ 11,330
Plot Size: 1075m2
Start Your Own Farm

For Sale
€ 126,000
Plot Size: 42000m2
Farm Land with Sea View!

For Sale
€ 60,000
Plot Size: 20000m2
Farm Land Near Vela Luka

For Sale
€ 57,500
Plot Size: 11500m2
Agricultural Land for Sale
> Blato

For Sale
€ 280,000
Plot Size: 40000m2