Building Land - for Family House

In the middle of the greenery!

For Sale
€ 42,000
Plot Size: 553m2
Building Land Next To Beach

Desirable location!

For Sale
€ 200,000
Plot Size: 500m2
North Coast - Seafront Land

Preliminary Construction. Next to a Beach!

For Sale
€ 288,000
Plot Size: 973m2
Large section of farm land!

Istruga resort is nearby!

For Sale
€ 265,420
Plot Size: 66355m2
Building land – 4 Residential Units

Site Preparation Partially Completed

For Sale
€ 175,000
Plot Size: 983m2
Above a beach and the waterfront!

Multiple Construction Possibilities!

For Sale
€ 159,000
Plot Size: 1180m2
Building Parcel With Pine Trees

Ideal for a small home.

For Sale
€ 50,000
Plot Size: 384m2
Forest & Sea Building Land

Exclusive Location Among Luxury Villas

For Sale
€ 117,000
Plot Size: 586m2
Pine Forest Building Land

First row to the sea!

For Sale
€ 210,000
Plot Size: 3624m2
Building Land – Beautiful Location!

Approved building plans included!

For Sale
€ 112,000
Plot Size: 1602m2
Building land with view!

Smaller-size parcel.

For Sale
€ 71,640
Plot Size: 398m2
Building Land - Sea View!

For a family house or apartment! Shared sea access.

For Sale
€ 90,000
Plot Size: 600m2
Stone house & olive grove.

Affordable real estate with great potential.

For Sale
€ 130,000
Plot Size: 11624m2
South Coast Building Land.

New Opportunity - Dream Location!

For Sale
€ 75,000
Plot Size: 351m2
Building land: Olive grove by the sea!

Large plot, suitable for two houses if desired.

For Sale
€ 150,000
Plot Size: 1310m2
Building Land: Beautiful beaches nearby!

Ideal for tourism!

For Sale
€ 196,000
Plot Size: 700m2
Thrifty Price for Building Land

On the edge of a village!

For Sale
€ 18,930
Plot Size: 757m2
Building Land - Premium Location!

Next to the sea!

For Sale
€ 202,390
Plot Size: 547m2
Building Land in Račišće

Peace and quiet, overlooking the sea.

For Sale
€ 160,000
Plot Size: 1068m2
Large Building Land Parcel

On the south coast. Very nice sea view.

For Sale
€ 134,640
Plot Size: 1496m2